Below are selected images from my work, for more visit my DeviantArt Gallery.

My primary focus is comics, so be sure to visit my Comics page as well for more examples of my work.

Completed Pieces:

Imagination Dump   Five Words   Jack Frost   Nicholas is Coming   On The Go   Play Place   Good Times   Reaching Up

Centaur   Queen of Dreams   FYI We're Evil   Bathing with Wings   Against All Odds   Sorta Tokyo   Little Pumpkin King   Mermaids

 Cobwebs   Good to Be Back   My Little Summon   Screaming Mad George   Mirror of Inverse   Pile Up   Rose Red and Snow White   Secret Place

Sketch Compilations:
Sketches Group 1   Sketches Group 2   Sketches Group 3 
2D animation   2D animation   Stop Motion




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