Undead Friend is a comic I worked on from 2005-2007 and made over 300 pages before having to put it on hold due to school and personal reasons. Upon graduation from college I plan to re-launch the comic project completely redone and make it my primary project. Skills I develop from working on EE will go into making this. I plan to run the comic in standard print format in Black and White and will make strong efforts to get it a publisher. I will also be doing a version in the Japanese language. Before I put it on hiatus it was gaining a strong following, but I felt it needed more planning. My desired launch date for the new version of the comic is sometime in the year 2011 or 2012. Takes place in a parallel modern world where ghosts and humans work together in a giant game of the undead. The story focuses on a group of high school students and how they deal with their involvement with the undead and their own problems and relationships while also unraveling the secrets of their second life.


Emergency Exit

UF plans to make its profits from ad revenue, merchandise sales, donations, art auctions, and signed prints. My ultimate goal is for it to find a print publisher. If you have interests in publishing UF please just pop me an email. You can see the old version here, but my skills in both writing and drawing have changed dramatically.



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