Emergency Exit is currently my main comic project. I have been working on it diligently since July, 2003 and have produced over 1,000 pages of it and it's gained a readership of over 6,000 individuals around the world. The comic is in full colour and is posted online for free to read on my own site with new pages posted Monday and Fridays and sometimes Wednesdays. Starting from October 2010 onward I've hired a colourist to help me save time. Borders on PG-13 to R for use of violence, also has some profanity but no full frontal nudity. The art style is that of a mix of anime and cartoon. It has a continuing storyline in various sized pages but uses gag and punch line elements. Its story is a mix of humour, science fiction, adventure and drama. It takes place in a parallel version of modern Earth and focuses on a group of teenagers who live in an enchanted building known only as The Apartment. There they get caught up in various crazy circumstances such as traveling to other worlds or dealing with self-proclaimed villains and each other's super powers.


Emergency Exit

EE makes its profits from ad revenue, merchandise sales, donations, art auctions, and signed prints. One attempt to make a print version was made but EE was not made with print in mind and isn't the correct dimensions or resolution, it is screen only. I have plans for side comics based on the series to be made for print. If you have interests in publishing an EE related comic please just pop me an email.


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