The name's NJ Huff and I'm a freelance cartoonist and graduate of the University of Oregon with degress in both Digital Arts and Japanese Language.

My biggest interest is comics, and I have been working on them for over six years with Emergency Exit Comics being my primary project. I am greatly interested in cartoon art and I am most inspired by Japanese animation and manga though I also appreciate American cartoons as well. I like to experiment and I am constantly trying out new styles. Artwork for me is entertainment, I like to draw what I think will be fun for the viewers.

I'm primary digitally based. My work starts off on paper but gets finished up on the computer with the assistance of a Wacom or Tablet PC. At the moment I self-publish all my work online and am usually open to Commissions.

You can view my artwork inside my Portfolio or over on my DeviantArt page.

Contact Email (replace (AT) with @): eecomics(AT)

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Nj Huff

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